Estimating the overall cost when each presentation is unique

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

All figures in Canadian $:

    • MASTER TEMPLATE (base) $1,500 per file Properly designed standard master template with default layouts
    • MASTER TEMPLATE (enhanced) $2,250 per file Includes the above master + additional custom layouts
    • STORYLINE / WIREFRAME (basic) $1,500 per file Presentation structure/flow file using existing slides/script
    • STORYLINE / WIREFRAME (complex) $2,500 per file Presentation structure/flow file from multiple sources

    • SLIDE CREATION / ENHANCEMENT: Professional consulting/design - assumes proper master + 1 revision
      • SMALL (up to 15 slides) $150 per slide
      • MEDIUM (up to 50 slides) $125 per slide
      • LARGE (up to 100 slides) $100 per slide
      • EXTRA LARGE (101+ slides) $ 85 per slide

    • On-site sessions/consulting $2,500 per day Custom training, interactive meetings, pitches, live content
    • Rush surcharge +$25 per slide Additional charge for last minute requests when possible to accommodate

Notes:1) Surcharges may apply to slides involving complex diagrams and processes2) Travel costs are not included for on-site visits and will be billed separately

Rates effective May 25, 2020 and subject to change without notice.