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Raise the bar to new levels on your presentations and pitches. I guarantee your results will be better by leveraging storytelling capabilities that combine business skills, creativity and technology. Most of my work ends up on PowerPoint slides that create powerful impact - most importantly helping you achieve your objectives.

See some of my guiding principles to make your deck come to life.

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Who am I?

I'm a business professional with years of experience creating solutions that get results for clients around the globe. My unique blend of business sensibility, creativity and digital competence provides skills that my valued clients appreciate.

My career started in marketing and account management with Coca-Cola and AC Nielsen – where presentation skills intersected with the rapid advance of technology and formed the basis for my business today. I have an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and attended McMaster University.

Here's my LinkedIn profile if you'd like more details.


This is a hard question to answer without a thorough understanding of your objectives and priorities.

People will ask me: "I've got a 25 slide presentation... how much will it cost?". However, I've had 10 slide presentations take much more time than 100 slide presentations. Every presentation is different. Each is unique in its own way.

Quality is key. It takes quality time and creativity to create winning slides. It takes quality time to simplify and make your message more clear.

I'll provide an estimate once a good understanding of what's required to deliver a top-notch deck is established. To see current pricing and rates, please follow this link.

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